Mercator Sauvage Sur Lie 2016 750mL

Mercator Sauvage Sur Lie 2016

Mercator Sauvage Sur Lie is a blend of Petite Milo, a cold-hardy grape variety well suited to the new frontier of Nova Scotia’s cool climate, and Chardonnay, a well-travelled grape variety most famously identified with the white wines of Burgundy and Chablis in France. 

Both varieties are naturally fermented in re-bent, toasted French oak barrels in a method referred to as a “Sauvage” or “Wild” fermentation. This natural approach is the source of complexity and expressions of oak in the wine which further develop through its ageing sur lie. 

Aromas of fresh herbs, apple peel and lemon rind give way to a smooth complexity with elements of celery, lime and pear supported with acidity, which act as a platform for the weight on the palate and persistency in the finish.

  • Mercator Vineyards
  • White
  • Nova Scotia
  • 750 mL
  • 12% Alc./Vol.
  • $29.99


Fresh notes of apple and pear with a hint of minerality are found on the nose of this wine accented by a rich notes of brioche and lemon curd.


A balanced natural acidity and a beautiful vein of minerality are expressed on the palate as well as notes of brioche and lemon curd that mirror the aromatics from the nose. Mercator Sauvage is a wine with a dry, and restrained style that can be enjoyed now or can be cellared to gain further complexity.


Mercator Sauvage is a wine of depth and richness while retaining a bright acidity. As such, this wine can pair with many white wine dishes. Examples include cream–based pastas, scallops, fish chowder, roast chicken and many pork dishes.


A signature proprietary wine from Mercator Vineyards, this blended wine is created to express the characteristics intrinsic in fine white wines. The aromatic profile of each grape variety in the blend was respected during fermentation providing fresh aromatics on the nose while elements of barrel fermented and “sur lie” winemaking techniques were used to give the wine depth, texture and additional complexity.


Petite Milo and Chardonnay


Gold - 2017 Lieutenant Governor's Award for Excellence in Nova Scotia Wines
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