LÜVO L'Acadie Pinot Grigio

An expressive, still white wine made from crisp L’Acadie Blanc and elegant Pinot Grigio. Aromatics of fresh apple and peach along with a smooth and refreshing finish create a wine with purity and harmony.

  • LÜVO Life Co.
  • White
  • Nova Scotia
  • 250 mL
  • 12% Alc./Vol.
  • $5.99


Fresh apple and peach with subtle honey and floral notes are expressed on the nose of this exciting blend of Nova Scotian-grown L’Acadie and touch of Pinot Grigio.


Smooth and approachable, this slightly off-dry wine strikes an ideal balance between a round, supple mouthfeel and a refreshing and clean finish. As a result, this wine can be enjoyed in many food and social situations.


L’Acadie Pinot Grigio pairs well with many Nova Scotian seafood dishes like fish chowder, lobster and steamed mussels but also pairs equally well with creamy pastas and chicken dishes. Try it with salty snacks like potato chips, roasted almonds and edamame; the flavour really pops!
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