Taste our wines


Our wines are an expression of our vibrant & nourishing coastal terroir

It is a well-established truth that one of the foundational guides to food & wine pairing is what grows together goes together. This is no less true when it comes to our wines and our historically rich, world-class cuisine.

Our portfolio of wines is well suited to our culinary traditions. Our cool climate serves to produce wines which are high in acidity while generally lower in tannin. Where oak is used, it is done so to support our wines and not mask them. Our wine styles are fresh, lively and aromatic.

Here in Atlantic Canada we are known for our fresh seafood. Our wines are the perfect accompaniment. Try our Jost Tidal Bay with a traditional lobster supper or mouth-watering sautéed scallops; try our Jost L’Acadie Pinot Grigio with steamed mussels — these are wine pairings to remember.

Nova Scotia offers more than seafood. Our rich farmlands bear healthy, succulent meats and produce which inspire us to create supple, soft, fruit-driven, medium-bodied red wines that make a wonderful accompaniment to local dishes.

Through pairing suggestions and tastings our knowledgeable staff at Jost Vineyards will help you truly discover the excellence in our Nova Scotia wine.