Sangria Spritzer

Sangria Spritzer

Jost Sangria can be enjoyed simply over ice or as a spritzer with a citrus wedge. It can, however, also be be transformed with added ingredients into a creative cocktail. 

How, you ask? Try this Sangria Spritzer created by head bartender Christopher Green. This masterful mix of Jost Sangria, spiced rum, black pepper, and fresh basil shows just how versatile this wine can be. Try this recipe and enjoy its refreshing twist, or allow it to inspire you to create your own signature version…Cheers!



Sangria Spritzer
• 4 oz Jost Sangria
• 1 oz Spiced rum
• 1 oz Rose hip & sumac simple syrup
• Club soda 
• Chopped fresh basil
• Cracked black pepper
• Lemon and lime slices
• Fresh fruit

Rose Hip and Sumac Simple Syrup
• 1 cup water
• 1 cup sugar 
• Rose hips to taste 
• Sumac to taste 



1. Find dried rose hips and sumac in the spices aisle at some local grocery stores and farmers' markets.

2. Substitute club soda with lemon or lime soda as a variation.



To make rose hip & sumac simple syrup, mix water and sugar in a sauce pan. Add rose hips and sumac to taste. Heat all ingredients to a simmer and remove from heat. Let steep and stir. Strain and refrigerate for later use.

To prepare Sangria Spritzer, pour Jost Sangria, spiced rum, rose hip & sumac simple syrup over ice in a glass of your choice. Top with soda. Garnish with the basil, cracked black pepper, citrus slices and assorted fresh fruits. Enjoy!


Yield: Serves 1