The Wine Lifestyle 2017 - Jost Coastal L'Acadie Blanc Riesling

Published: Monday, July 31, 2017

By: Atima Kamra

Coastal L’Acadie Blanc Riesling by Jost Vineyards brings flavours of lime zest and crisp Granny Smith apples bursting to the palate. This lemon hued white wine has a hint of pale green within and exhibits traits that strike a delicate balance between soft and energetic. Both the L’Acadie Blanc and Riesling varietals thrive in our maritime climate and possess unique components that give each their own identity.

L’Acadie Blanc, one of the most notable white grape varietals in our region, reminds me a lot of Chardonnay. Like Chardonnay, it has the ability to showcase a diversity of aromas and textures depending on how it’s grown and treated by the winemaker. It can be crisp and delicate, or round and rich. Typical fruit attributes of L’Acadie Blanc are tree fruit flavors, such as apple and pear. This wine showcases a tart version contributing to the mouth-watering Granny Smith apple that leaps out from the glass.

Riesling is also a varietal that can wear multiple hats, from dry to very sweet, and light to full bodied. However, its hallmark trait is its high acid content and an underlying minerality that is reminiscent of a shoreline breeze. The lime and wet stone facets of this wine can be attributed to the Riesling which provides vitality and lift to the white blend. Subtle, harmonious and easy going, this wine pairs with a multitude of recipes. The Riesling’s citrus flavors and acidity make it a great partner for any light, high acid dish, while the texture and weight the L’Acadie Blanc adds allows it to flow just as seamlessly with delicate fish.

The Seagrape Café at Jost Vineyards gives you a perfect opportunity to enjoy this wine with two of their delicious dishes while overlooking the beautifully manicured vineyards. The Salmon Trio Board gives you three ways to experience how well a high acid wine can cut through the fat of the rich fish and cleanse your palate without the need of added sauces or condiments. Try your second glass with the Herbed Chickpea and Avocado Hummus and discover how the creamy texture marries so well with the L’Acadie Blanc, while the grilled lemon is complimented by the citrus aspect of the wine.

Although the structure of this wine makes it a fantastic pairing partner for a variety of dishes, it is light enough to be enjoyed on its own. Whether you are planning to take part in the Tall Ships festivities in Halifax this summer or to relax on your deck with family and friends, pour a glass of Coastal L’Acadie Blanc Riesling, gently close your eyes, sit back and taste the beauty of our coastal breezes... Cheers!