The Wine Lifestyle - Jost L’Acadie Pinot Grigio

Published: Thursday, June 30, 2016

By: Atima Kamra

A hue as vivid as a blossomed yellow sunflower, the Jost L’Acadie Pinot Grigio boasts flavours of stone fruits, honeysuckle, and the citrus backbone that makes it true to it’s local roots. Pinot Grigio lovers will be in their comfort zone with the crowd pleasing nature of this wine, but also pleasantly surprised by how much of their preferred flavours are packed in this particular blend.

What struck me as special about this week’s wine is how well the two varietals marry together and compliment the other’s attributes. The Pinot Grigio will do as it is famously known for, which is to be in the middle ground on acid, body, and sweetness. The unique part is how the L’Acadie Blanc adds an unexpected texture, intensity, and brightness to the mix without disrupting the classic poise and creates a welcomed twist to the already adored original.

Even though this wine has a bit more going on than a simple Pinot Grigio (which in my opinion is a good thing!) it is still quite easy going and is a great wine to use casually or for everyday use. And with the Canada Day long weekend around the corner, we can’t forget about one of our nation’s most gifted foods—local seafood!  Visit the picturesque town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and build up a healthy appetite to feast on a classic dish at the Old Fish Factory, perfectly named the Lunenburg Fish Fry.

A generous portion of Ice House Ale Battered Haddock, Breaded Shrimp, and Adams & Knickles Scallops are served with fries and slaw. This crispy spread begs for freshness and acid from a wine, and the Jost L’Acadie Pinot Grigio fills that niche with perfection. Now that makes a Canadian-inspired pairing a great celebration theme indeed. Cheers!