The Wine Lifestyle - Jost Sangria

Published: Thursday, June 1, 2017

By: Atima Kamra

This week let's "shake it up" a little with a local favorite inspired by a European classic. Sangria is a beverage that originated in Spain, but the rest of the world has adopted and come to adore. It is a classic summer drink that can get any party started on the right foot. 

Traditionally, sangria is a mix of still red wine and fresh fruits, and often topped with more sugar or orange juice to complete the recipe. Although this tastes delicious, it does require some work and planning to properly balance the beverage. Now what if someone took all of the necessary components and did the work for you? We local wine lovers already admire our grapes, but we also know that it’s not the only fruit that is celebrated in the maritimes. For example, we celebrate our ability to grow some of the best blueberries and apples in the country. So take quality pickings of all three fruits, make a wine using them in ideal proportions, and add all the other necessary constituents…and viola! A perfectly balanced local sangria that you can just twist off the cap and enjoy. If this sounds like something you’d love to have, then Jost Sangria is exactly what you need to try! 

This creative mixture can stand alone and displays notes of cranberry and warm baking spices, with the added sweetness being just right to balance the crisp nature of the fruits. This can be enjoyed simply over ice or with a citrus wedge. It can, however, also be be transformed with added ingredients into a creative cocktail. 

How, you ask? Try bartender Christopher Green’s masterful mix of Jost Sangria, spiced rum, black pepper, and fresh basil (get the recipe here  >>>) to see how versatile this wine can be. Enjoy its refreshing twist, or allow it to inspire you to create your own signature version…Cheers!